Monday, June 17, 2013

9 Rules for Networking

This is a summary of Penelope Trunk's Cornell Johnson Business School Talk 

Rules for networking:
  1. Know the rules (buy a book - work on what you're not good at)
  2. Figure out what people want and work to give it to them (manage time so you can chat)
  3. Know your weaknesses and accommodate (as an introvert, do one-on-ones)
  4. Network with interesting people (be nice and interested, not interesting)
  5. Believe that everyone has something interesting to teach you
  6. Don't be afraid to contact people out of the blue.
  7. Get a mentor (a wide range, including a white man and an Asian female) by asking interesting, relevant questions they can answer quickly (do this often and people will become invested in you)
  8. Comment on relevant blogs (join the conversation) to find people
  9. Rule of 3:
    1. Look to your future
    2. Networking is a lifestyle
    3. "Work" is selling yourself

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